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 Ftb3 1.10 Stuff

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[108] Coder

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PostSubject: Ftb3 1.10 Stuff   Ftb3 1.10 Stuff Icon_minitimeSat Jul 31, 2010 11:33 pm

Eh it's just mostly crap I ported that I forgot to post here.

Stuff is for 762mb cso

#Transparent Background [1.10]
;when far enough the background will become transparent
0x004777cc 0x00000000

#Rapid Color Changer [1.10]
0x00243058 0x17da00C8

#Respawn Entire Room [1.10]
0x0070c930 0x00000001

#Blue Map [1.10]
0x0024305c 0x17da0030

#Restart Round [1.10]
0x0070c934 0x00000002

#Player Color Changer [1.10]
0x0024305c 0x17da00C8

#Blue Fog Backround [1.10]
0x0047782c 0x00000001

#End Game [1.10]
0x0070c930 0x00000003

#True Night Vision [1.10]
0x0024305c 0x17da0022

#Green Fog Backround [1.10]
0x0047781c 0x00000001

#No Thick Fog [1.10]
0x004777b0 0x00000000

#Red Fog Backround [1.10]
0x0047780c 0x00000001

Slot Copiers: ( No credit to me due to Sniper finding first)

Switch Teams=Copy

#Slot 1 Copier
0x007181A4 0x00000000

#Slot 2 Copier
0x007182EC 0x00000000

#Slot 3 Copier
0x00718434 0x00000000

#Slot 4 Copier
0x0071857C 0x00000000

#Slot 5 Copier
0x007186C4 0x00000000

#Slot 6 Copier
0x0071880C 0x00000000

#Slot 7 Copier
0x00718954 0x00000000

#Slot 8 Copier
0x00718A9C 0x00000000

#Slot 9 Copier
0x00718BE4 0x00000000

#Slot 10 Copier
0x00718D2C 0x00000000

#Slot 11 Copier
0x00718E74 0x00000000

#Slot 12 Copier
0x00718FBC 0x00000000

#Slot 13 Copier
0x00719104 0x00000000

#Slot 14 Copier
0x0071924C 0x00000000

#Slot 15 Copier
0x00719394 0x00000000

#Slot 16 Copier
0x007194DC 0x00000000

Some Other Codes I ported:

(By the way some other kids failed at porting this perfect shot, I ported it correctly)

#Perfect Shot [1.10]
0x00189710 0x3C04E000
0x00189628 0xe60d0024
;No Recoil
0x0018b314 0x00000000

#Bullet Damage [1.10]
0x002c8150 0x3c064100

Nothing too special

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Ftb3 1.10 Stuff KatyxPerry
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Ftb3 1.10 Stuff
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