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 Win against [*ß]

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SuP3r No0b
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Win against [*ß] Empty
PostSubject: Win against [*ß]   Win against [*ß] Icon_minitimeTue Aug 03, 2010 10:09 pm

So gamer and I went to get a clan war. We got GodPk3r, Robzsx, Aznlink, myself and gamer.

It took a bit, but we got the war going.. They started using MM-1's. I said no ranged explosives. Beto said he'd tell his guys in game. After all that happened, we went against them on our map, distant port. RAPED 'em.

Then we went 3v3 on their map, rampart rumble, 6-2. I forgot the distant port one, but we won.

They're RAGING right now.

The reason we had a 3v3 is because two of their guys just up and vanished, while Aznlink decided to vote out Godpk3r when we were getting him to revive us. Then we just voted out aznlink. So it all boiled down to Me, Gamer, and Rob. Yup.. never did we own so hard.
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Win against [*ß]
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