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 The Gupta Sniping Guide!

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PostSubject: The Gupta Sniping Guide!   The Gupta Sniping Guide! Icon_minitimeSat Sep 25, 2010 8:48 pm

Some of you know me, others dont. I have four stars and I'm a legit sniper (not bragging.) Many people have asked me questions about weapons, strategy, camping, and mainly about quickscoping.

Well Here are your answers:

What's the most efficient sniper rifle and secondary combo on most maps?

-Many say the XM, because of the large magazine capacity. But, the real killer of the XM is the .50 cal. It has the same mag capacity as the XM. The main thing is that it has a slightly faster fire-rate, making it deadly fast. Other people would say "Oh but its not as accurate!" It doesnt matter when you are scoped in or quick scoping, because when scoped, you have perfect accuracy. These factors make the Barrett .50 cal the better choice.
-As for your secondary, I would grab an f90 with reflex, just in case someone is to close to snipe, but to far to pistol. I favor SMGs over Pistols.

What's your strategy for short ranged, medium ranged, and long range maps?

-Starting with the short range maps, I'll use a sniper if I know the other team isn't great at the map, or if I prefer the map. Short range maps and snipers usually add up to equal disaster if you aren't a great sniper, so don't take the risk. On a map like rampart rumble, DO NOT rush. Sniper rushing DOES NOT WORK, no matter how good you are. Take your time slowly taking out enemies. Only take shots you know you can hit AND KILL. When you're spotted on small maps with a sniper, it will lead to your death. TAKE LONG SHOTS. Do not try any no-scopes from far distance. If anything, try base-camping if you aren't having much luck. Overall, I'd tend to stay away from short ranged maps with sniper rifles. (unless you're pro.) cheers
-For medium ranged maps, I would play them as I would play long range maps. Use the same strategy as I mentioned in Short Range. There are a few more things to consider though. You constantly have to watch where your teammates are and the possibility of getting flanked. STAY BACK. Such as on Terminal Atrocity, DO NOT CROSS unless needed. Crossing takes you into enemy territory and god knows where people are camping. On a map like market week, cross on the side that the other team is NOT taking and take the farthest path. Flank from AS FAR BACK AS POSSIBLE. Quick scoping is a necessity.
-For Long ranged maps, such as D-Port, let your team handle that close range crap. Camp your spawn, and slowly move to an easy flanking position. BE CAUTIOUS when you go to the other side of the map. There is ALWAYS AT LEAST ONE person who takes that side. Take him out and proceed. Pick your shots. If you're seen, you need to back-track. On Crimson Basin, I like Red Faux's strategy, but I would not follow your team. Go the opposite Side every other round, considering sniping on this map is insanely cheap and easy. DO NOT go to the opposite side if you know the entire enemy team is taking that route. It's common sense. Again, as always, pick your shots. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE COVER. THERE IS A HUGE LACK OF COVER ON THIS MAP. If you're caught in the open... well... good luck.
-My main point is to TAKE YOUR TIME.

Say you're last alive, What do you do?

-The essential thing you need to do is find a camping spot. This means a spot with lots of cover, and large open areas for easy quick scopes (A.K.A. Base camping Terminal Atrocity.) Wait until your enemies are in the open. Take a shot and wait for another enemy. Always watch your back. If you miss, make sure to follow through with another, DO NOT WAIT FOR THEM TO FINISH SHOOTING. This is because by the time he's done, you're probably thinking about reloading... Well Don't. Keep shooting. If you have good cover and know how to strafe then you should easily live. Kill a few, switch camp spots. You may not win but at least you know you can rack up some kills.

-It's actually fairly easy. Turn off your setting for "Quick Zoom-out." It gets very annoying hitting the scope-in button twice. When you know you can get a shot at an enemy, find a strafing spot. Lock on. When you strafe out from behind cover, make sure you've already hit the "Zoom-in button" once before strafing. When you have a clear shot, scope in and fire consecutively right after eachother. If you miss, GET THE F@#^ BACK IN COVER. Wait for a clear shot and repeat the proccess. It is VERY easy. It makes the good snipers good and the bad snipers bad. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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The Gupta Sniping Guide! Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Gupta Sniping Guide!   The Gupta Sniping Guide! Icon_minitimeSun Oct 17, 2010 7:24 am

I like using the sniper on every map apart from Iron Coffin.
Nice guide BTW
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The Gupta Sniping Guide!
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