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 Mr-_-Insano Mod Application

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PostSubject: Mr-_-Insano Mod Application   Mr-_-Insano Mod Application Icon_minitimeFri Oct 01, 2010 7:30 pm

Although I Don't meet the "requirements" please consider me.
Name: Matt Western
Experience: Multiple sites with over 300 members, created myself for ftb2.
My most popular site was darkcoding.tk about 1 year ago. It's ending was when some kid put darkcoderz.com domain on it to get that site pissed and hack mine. Me being a lil scrub at the time let him talk me into to going along with his plan.. (Forumotions only problem is with hacking.)
Another site of mine was ftbgaming.tk Also hacked, and destroyed.(I tried bringing that one back but it died.)
Iv also made at least 5 clan websites with forumotion, most recent is gpocommunity.tk( A lil noobish, but simple enough to look alright) This all adds up to about 3 years of forumotion experience, with creating ftb2/ftb3 clan websites, and ftb2/ftb3 websites for codes and hanging out.
why pick me: im very trustworthy. always willing to help other people.
weakness: I trust too many other people, when there just trying to **** me over.
feel free to comment or ask questions.
I am who I am, so don't be hatin.

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Mr-_-Insano Mod Application
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