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 MiLk's Application

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MiLk's Application Empty
PostSubject: MiLk's Application   MiLk's Application Icon_minitimeTue Jul 20, 2010 2:39 am

PSN Name:PythonSoL4do

KDA:2.98(No clue what's KDA, I put my Kill/death ratio)



W/L ratio: 11.29

Age:16 1/2

How many accounts do you have registered on here: One

Posts on these forums:12

How many people have you refereed here and what are their user names: None

In a short paragraph please explain why you would like to become a V.I.P. member:

I have exploits that will came very useful I suppose and I will maybe post them. Depends if they're decedent or not. Usually I am not a leaker. If you don't believe you can ask the people that they trusted me.

Dirty clan, Hated, z-BounTy-z, and others

I keep everything to myself. And make sure every device I'm about to post works good and functional. I responsible towards my action. I can act like a MOD in V.I.P and make sure that none is not gone out of hand. How will you believe? You have to see.

By the way, my stats will be updated.

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MiLk's Application
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